Neal Saiki And The Zero S On Fox News

Fox News interviewed Neal Saiki who gave a tour of the Zero S electric supermoto. Glad to see some high visibility coverage of electric motorcycles. Check it out...

Quantya Supermoto At FIM

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2009 Zero S Electric Supermoto Unveiled

zero s supermotard

Zero Motorcycles unveiled their electric supermoto, the Zero S and it looks to be a fantastic bike. The power to weight ratio promises a thrilling ride. It sits on 16” wheels which is a strange choice over the supermoto standard 17” hoops. I assume this is to save weight which is good but it also limits a customers options. Zero owners are already having troubles sourcing tires for the 20” wheel on the Zero X. Rumor has it a Enduro version of the Zero S is on it’s way. Hopefully it will come with the standard 21/28 inch rim combination. Regardless of my gripes Zero has some amazing electric motorcycles available for purchase. KTM’s target is moving fast which can only be great for the future of electric motorcycles.

More Details On The Zero S Electric Supermoto

The street legal version of the Zero X will have no parts in common with it it's dirt-only brother. It is engineered from the ground up as an electric supermoto. 0 to 60 time will be around 4 seconds. It will do 70 mph. In the video below Zero CEO Neil Saiki mentioned they had to work very hard to make the bike controllable. The electric motor and batteries are capable of creating so much power early test versions were too wheelie prone.

Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer ELMOTO Looking for US Distributor

ELMOTO HR-2 MotorcycleGerman company ELMOTO is looking for North American distributors for their two wheeled electric line. A prototype of their HR-2 electric motorcycle was displayed at the 2008 Eurobike Show.

Zero S Electric Supermoto

Zero Motorcycles recently put up a teaser page for a supermoto version of their all electric dirt bike dubbed the Zero S. No pictures available at this time... bummer! This "street legal green machine" will have a 70 mph and a max range of 60 miles. Zero is taking orders now and require a $1000 deposit.

Electric Supermoto and the Future

Electric Supermoto (aka Supermotard) motorcycles have huge potential to change the race track and the streets. Strong, linear, flexible power delivery and compact design make these bikes ideal track weapons. Upright riding position and flickable handling make them great short to medium distance machines.

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